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Mud Master 650g and Neem Guard Mud Barrier Cream 500 ml

Mud Master 650g and Neem Guard Mud Barrier Cream 500 ml


First of all prevention is key, have a read of my blog, it has some helpful tips.

Neem Guard 500 ml- This is a mud barrier to be applied to dry clean and healthy skin, Neem Guard is a very effective water and mud repellent so no need to apply daily. Apply weekly or as needed on dry skin. Store below 30 C.

Our Neem Guard has been specially formulated using Cold Pressed Virgin Neem oil, Lanolin and tea tree oil.This product is not a remedy for mud fever but aids in providing a soothing mud and water repelling barrier.Should be applied on dry and healthy skin.

Always seek veterinary advise.

Active ingredients: Cold pressed Virgin Neem oil, Lanolin, Tea tree Oil


No one wants their horses to be sore but sometimes it happens so..we developed Mud Master!

Mud Master 650 gram topical antibacterial, anitfungal and astringent cream, for horses at the first sign of mud trouble in the pasterns, heels and any areas affected. MudMaster is a luxurious cream, easy to apply and quick action and drying. So whats in our formula?

 Zinc Oxide - Antifungal and antiseptic properties

Potash Alum - A naturally occurring compound used in ancient remedies and known for its antispetic and astringent properties, this helps to stop irritation, clean and dry effected areas quickly to support the healing process.

French Green Clay -  Has many benefits however here it is used to combine the ingredients and acts a poultice drawing out toxins.

Aloe Vera - For its support during the healing process and cooling and soothing effects.

Eucalyptus Oil - A natural antiseptic, antifungal, anti inflammatory with a lovely fragrance.

Bioactive Honey - This is used for many reasons but mainly for its antibacterial and moistening of the affected area to support healing.

This cream is recommended at the first sign of trouble. If the affected areas are large and have penetrated deep into tissue then you are well advised to seek veterinarian support who may well advise antibiotics. 


Please note - Only use the Neem Guard once all skin has healed and is healthy...you dont want to lock them in !