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Horse Leads Sole Saver 1.1 kg

Horse Leads Sole Saver 1.1 kg


Sole Saver - For thrush and healthy hoof maintenance 

1.1 kg topical Brush-on-Clay For the control and treatment of thrush in the hoof.

Antiseptic, antifungal fluid clay sole and frog dressing for deep penetration to cracks and crevices.

Supports healthy tissue growth and control of invasive microbes naturally, working on necrotic tissue and always kind to healthy tissue, allowing for the return of healthy hooves.

This product helps to toughen the frog and hoof and dry out hidden bacteria laden moisture to help restore and maintain.

Can be applied daily and if stabled this works fabulously overnight giving long lasting results by treating, protecting and toughening the frog making it less susceptible to invasive organisms that can easily penetrate soft compromised tissue.

Apply a thin layer with a brush as required.

Shake the bottle before use.

Store above zero C.

Active ingredients:

French green clay,

Zinc sulphate, Zinc oxide

Bioactive honey,

Eucalyptus oil


  • Customer Reviews

    Lana Frost

    I got some and used it on my mini shetland as she had soft frogs and one application did the trick I put it on again once farrier came last week good stuff.

    Shelley Ayling

    Love this stuff and the rest of your products, always recommending them 

    Lisa Bainbridge

    Everything from this company is fantastic x

    Viv Gray

    Great stuff. The clay too, I always keep it in and it's a good deal cheaper than other stuff so I can afford to slather it on. Cleared my boys thrush up pronto!