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Mecate Reins and Braided Halter

Mecate Reins and Braided Halter


Headstall can come in 6mm or 8mm. 8mm is suitable for cobs and horses, 6mm is suitable for all.

Mecate Reins and Halter with Braided noseband and browband

A super way to introduce your horse to bitless riding. These reins provide comfort and safety. The lead is super for leading your horse, needing to dismount and providing a little flick for some extra go.

The whole line can be undone and used as a ground work tool so its a super flexible piece of equipment

They come  with  leather poppers on both ends.

Made from 12.7mm  and 6mm class 1 marine double braid. The lines are soft, flexible and durable. No kinking and snag, abrasion and rot resistant.The quality of all of Horse Leads products is that of all well know and respected horse clinicians. Quality guaranteed and not to be confused with cheap alternatives, no compromise here. I love what I do and thats producing high quality products for others to enjoy.All items are made by me with care and attention to every detail to ensure you and your horse are equipped with comfortable tack for clear communication that will last and get better with age.