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Side Pull Braided Halter and Rope Reins

Side Pull Braided Halter and Rope Reins


 Double Braid Polyester Class 1 Marine Rope Reins and Rope Halter side pull with stainless steel harness rings adorned with ranger beads and constrasting cobra weave.

Reins are 12mm English braid with scissor snaps

Rope halter is medium stiff so holds its shape 6mm, this is the braid is used by top clinicians, be confident you are buying extreme quality! Built to last and enhance your horsemanship

All handmade and designed in the UK. Serious Quality and Workmanship.

Please do not tie your horse up with this halter, it is made for forgiving hands and not a solid post... can cause serious damage as it will not break if the horse pulls back or panics.

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