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Services Barefoot equine hoof trimming 

Please call me for a free telephone consultation without obligation.

 Full Consultation   £30 
 Multiple horses      £25

 A consultation will take approx 1.5 hours to carry out the following

  • Introductions

  • Gait analysis

  • Body Condition Score

  • Discussion and advise on management, feed  exercise and aspirations

  • Hoof condition assessment

  • Trim

  • Record keeping

  • Photographs for reference

  • Advise on hoof boot fitting if needed

Travel for one horse outside a 25 mile radius of Cheltenham is 30p per mile. 

Hoof trimming and Natural Horsemanship

 Equine Podiatry is a science, all about anatomy, physical function and environmental factors that can make or break a horse. The role of the Equine Podiatrist is to work closely with horses and owners to advise on all factors such as diet, environment and exercise all of which can help to improve and achieve healthy functional hooves, to trim hooves for correct balance and health when required and provide support and guidance.

There is an Equine Barefoot Care National Occupational Standard developed by LANTRA in collaboration with a range of professionals including The Equine Podiatry Association. The training provided by Equine Podiatry Training Ltd has been developed to meet and exceed the standards as set out in the LANTRA document. Click here to follow link view document


                                                                               The Golden Rules

                                                                of Equine Podiatry

  • Always put the comfort of the horse first

  • Only ever invade live tissue under the supervision of a vet

  • When trimming, remove the minimum amount of hoof horn necessary to achieve the best balance you can with the hoof you’ve got

  • Remember that trimming alone is unlikely to achieve optimum hoof health

  • Ensure you keep adequate records to monitor progress and improve your understanding

  • Make full use of the natural healing mechanisms of the horse

  • Ensure any treatment plan is realistic and considers the horse, the owner and the horse’s environment

  • Achieving balance in the hoof is not just about mechanical balance, it’s about equilibrium of function


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