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When is Rope Not Just Any Old Rope

When you buy say a leather bridle you most probably would wish for English Leather, high quality etc, well that's

Horsemanship Training Line

the same with anything you buy and the same goes for natural horsemanship rope products.

Its seems rather odd to me sometimes how I can be so passionate about rope particularly when the postman brings a delivery, its just rope in a box after all!

The passion comes from adding value and function, beauty and longevity and knowing that somewhere in the world it will be used to connect, communicate, be used sensitively and softy.

Not all things are equal, characteristics of good quality rope are that..its not cheap unless of course someone got their pricing wrong..not likely.

Be savvy and read the specifications

12 or 24 Plait Polyester Double Braid =Excellent choice, abrasion resistant, low stretch, strong and holds up well to sunlight. Kink and snag resistant.

Nylon or Acrylic = Expect trouble

interested in more info, here is a link to a good site telling you all about Yatch ropes, variations uses and characteristics


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