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Long Lining and Hazy Days

Movement, concentration, communication, partnership and great feeling of achievement.

Long Lining Horse Leads

Having spoken to a lot of people about long lining they all say how much fun it is and I would agree with that.

So where to start, what equipment to use, will it benefit my horse, will he get tangled up, spook, run off, how do I know I am doing it right.

Long lining allows you to really get a sense of feel through the line, understand how much your horse is listening, how much volume you need to send and learn how to tweak this so the volume is almost nothing and you end up in a beautiful rhythmic, seamless, dance gliding along with smooth changes of direction, soft transitions and a balanced partnership, because lets face it you will cover a lot of ground too.

You can watch videos, read books have lessons all you want but the real learning starts when you get going, learning through your own mistakes, learning to stop and go back to the beginning when things are not going right, be calm and relaxed and most of all make it enjoyable for you and your horse. And remember no two horses will perform the same using the same techniques this is not a prescription, just the same as no two horses ride the same.

Horse Training Long Lines

As with anything horses are unpredictable so working in a safe environment protects you and others. Set you and your horse up for success by desensitising your horse to rope and the feel of it on their backs and hind legs, get them used to this first so you can throw that rope around without them batting a eyelid, that's really your first goal.

Do get in touch for more tips, always happy to share tips and lessons I have learnt along the way. Happy long lining, the opportunities are endless.

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