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What Horses Mean To Us

If you have ever been lucky enough to own a horse and by that I mean be responsible for its health and well being entirely then you will know that this is rather complex and demanding.

We are starting to move away from the traditional way of housing and managing horses to something where possible, a more natural environment akin to the amount of movement a horse would travel in the wild with purpose made track systems, 24/7 turnout, trickle feeding, high fibre diets, barefoot, bitless, metal free etc.

It gives us pleasure where possible to allow the horse freedom of movement, keep those jaws chomping, feel the earth beneath their feet, unbridled and released from negative pressure.

Not all of us can or have the facilities to do all of the aforementioned but its in our hearts as horse lovers to do the best for them through education, networking, hearing other enlightening stories, living in the moment and understanding what your horse is saying.

Keep loving and learning, I know that I have come along way in my understanding of horses through education and a desire to make our relationship the best it could be without too many compromises.

The thirst for knowledge is unquenchable and long may that last.

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