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Sole Saver Hints and Tips

Ok so you found us and that's great! Good to meet you and thank you for your interest in us and our products for your equine

Sole Saver was formulated to treat thrush and maintain healthy frogs but also to provide a product that is quick and easy to apply.

We also are a company that have been Horse people since the year dot! With that in mind we know how expensive products are and also the Vet bills!

So we wanted to produce a product that gives and big bang for your buck that is packed with natural and highly effective ingredients.

Hence Sole Saver was born

How to use

1. Clean out your horses feet and if you have a wire brush, give them a good scrub to remove any caked on mud or faeces, you want the Sole Saver to make contact with the frog.

Wire brushes are pretty cheap online and I really recommend getting one, good for exfoliating the sole and removing those hard to remove bits of mud etc

2. Open the flip-top lid and apply a line of Sole Saver down the collateral grooves, then with the brush, brush all over the frog making sure it gets into the crevices.

If you wish you can apply it to the whole of the sole depending on what you are dealing with.

So the whats ifs!

My Horse has thrush - Apply everyday for a week, then reduce to 3 or 4 times a week

My Horse's frogs are healthy - Keep doing what you are doing and apply 3 times a week for maintenance

My Horse lives out 24/7 - Apply and allow your horse to stand in/tied for a while whilst it soaks in and gets busy

My Horse is stabled at night and turnout during the day - Apply at night before stabling

Do get in touch if you have more questions... always here to help

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