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Seedy Toe or White Line disease, they are the same thing. Sometimes names can be misleading and lead us to think that a horse has a disease when in fact it is a combination of microbes or fungi that have

invaded the hoof wall where the tight white line has been compromised to allow these pathogens in.

Bacteria in the gut is essential for a healthy gut but these also go on living in the poo delivered out the back door and invariably where our horses stand where they can find the opportunity to invade a compromised hoof wall and start munching away.

The hoof wall is not a glass window so we cannot see the damage or indeed the extent of the damage that WLD causes and so for this reason any chips, cracks or evidence of a compromised white line needs to be dealt with swiftly before it reaches a point where any topical remedies or disinfectant soaking can have any real benefit other than resection of the hoof wall.

At Horse Leads we have responded to an overwhelming request for help or advise for WLD and so we developed AromaHorn. As always we were looking to produce a product that was natural and effective without compromising healthy tissue.

We have carried out field studies with this new product and we are overwhelmed with the positive response. That said this is not a magic formula that takes away a lot of hard work and diligence from the carer of the horse.

AromaHorn is made using a unique blend of Essential Oils and Neem Oil.

If you are purchasing this product as a topical solution then there are somethings you need to know for the best outcome.

This product is not to be used in conjunction with any caustic products, that includes Iodine, Hoof Oils etc

You will also need to be sure that the infection is mild and that the product can reach the extent of the problem. So what does this mean? If you have a hoof wall that is so far gone and the infection is so far up into the hoof wall then Veterinary advice is recommended.

If you have a mild case and the beginning of a problem then this product is for you.

Best Practise and Application

  • Thoroughly clean the hoof. You can use a spray bottle with a strong spray nozzle to flush and clean, try to avoid picking too much with a broad hoof pick. See our Hoof Spray, great for cleansing.

  • Soak the affected hoof in a solution of Milton 30ml to 5 litres of water

  • So now you have a clean hoof free from compacted microbe laden muck

  • Apply a few drops of AromaHorn as needed into any cavities as required.

  • Have some cotton wool handy and soak this too in AromaHorn and if the cavity allows pack this in.

  • The packed cavity allows for the product to get into action and stops any further burden of microbes.

  • If you have a shallow crevice then the best option is to apply and leave the horse standing in. The solution will soak through and remain there for some time before the next application.

This regime will need to be applied morning and night, so fresh application of AromaHorn and soaked cotton wool or as aforementioned

If in the summer when the weather is dry and less probability of the cavity filling with rubbish you can apply and leave open to the air.

So with all that said this is a labour of love for sure.

Diet will also be your horses best friend too so in a nutshell high fibre low sugar with a mineral/vitamin balancer.

Ideally your horse should not suffer Seedy Toe as the white line that seals in and seals out should not be easily compromised unless there are factors that may undermine the white line and some of these may include

  • Irregular hoof care

  • Metabolic causes like laminitis

  • Hoof Mechanics and undue forces and stress that stretch out the white

  • Hoof oils that look pretty but actually do nothing for hoof health

  • General hygiene.

Please note that packed in microbe laden mud/faeces allows for the problem to continue as they are anaerobic meaning they thrive in closed dark places without oxygen.. keep it clean, keep it treated and slowly overtime with hoof growth, good hygiene, diet and hoof maintenance it will be no more.

We are here to help as always and we look forward to your reviews, questions and queries.

Best Wishes

From the Horse Leads Team x

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