6 Easy Steps -Thrush The Bright Side

Thrush does have a dark side, we have all seen it as we pick out our horses feet, black and smelly, keratolytic bacteria quietly eating into our beautiful horses frogs. So when should we be worried, what is it, how can we address it and prevent it from invading healthy tissue. The jury is still out on this with little data and supporting evidence, however Fusobacterium Necrophorum is reportedly the most commonly isolated organism that is responsible for thrush and canker but still the processes are not clear or well understood. So with this in mind what makes sense is to remove the culprit from our horses environment. Not easy when this organism is part of the the fecal flora of horses and

What Horses Mean To Us

If you have ever been lucky enough to own a horse and by that I mean be responsible for its health and well being entirely then you will know that this is rather complex and demanding. We are starting to move away from the traditional way of housing and managing horses to something where possible, a more natural environment akin to the amount of movement a horse would travel in the wild with purpose made track systems, 24/7 turnout, trickle feeding, high fibre diets, barefoot, bitless, metal free etc. It gives us pleasure where possible to allow the horse freedom of movement, keep those jaws chomping, feel the earth beneath their feet, unbridled and released from negative pressure. Not all o

Long Lining and Hazy Days

Movement, concentration, communication, partnership and great feeling of achievement. Having spoken to a lot of people about long lining they all say how much fun it is and I would agree with that. So where to start, what equipment to use, will it benefit my horse, will he get tangled up, spook, run off, how do I know I am doing it right. Long lining allows you to really get a sense of feel through the line, understand how much your horse is listening, how much volume you need to send and learn how to tweak this so the volume is almost nothing and you end up in a beautiful rhythmic, seamless, dance gliding along with smooth changes of direction, soft transitions and a balanced partnership,

When is Rope Not Just Any Old Rope

When you buy say a leather bridle you most probably would wish for English Leather, high quality etc, well that's the same with anything you buy and the same goes for natural horsemanship rope products. Its seems rather odd to me sometimes how I can be so passionate about rope particularly when the postman brings a delivery, its just rope in a box after all! The passion comes from adding value and function, beauty and longevity and knowing that somewhere in the world it will be used to connect, communicate, be used sensitively and softy. Not all things are equal, characteristics of good quality rope are that..its not cheap unless of course someone got their pricing wrong..not likely. Be savv

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