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Winter Care with Horse Leads

I get a lot of questions about which products to use and when

Here is a short explanation on each product I would recommend for your horses over the winter.

Hoof Clay

This is packed with all natural goodies that help to maintain your horses feet all year round, but the clay really comes into its own during winter.

If your horse is stabled overnight then apply a layer completely covering the frog. This will help to clear up any ongoing thrush, it will help maintain a thrush free hoof and crucially act as a barrier between the faeces and the frog over night whilst stabled.

If your horse is out 24/7, again this is a great product to apply that adheres well and stays there for a certain amount of times depending on your field conditions. Thrush will be a thing of the past!

Sole Saver

Another great product and easy to apply. I tend to apply whilst the horse is standing for grooming, it helps it to sink in and do its job..love this! If your horse wears hoof boots you can also apply before a ride, another great way to ensure it gets into all the hiding places thrush microbes love

Again its packed with all natural ingredients that maintain healthy feet without compromising healthy tissue in the process.. a lot of products like Iodine will kill of the microbes but also healthy tissue which puts you in vicious cycle.

Hoof Spray

This is my go between.. so no time, or little time, just clean out the hoof and give a squirt, its got a good strong nozzle on the bottle that flushes and treats. This is probably one of our most popular products..its a tack box must have. Again all natural and smells lush.

Ok so that's the thrush done

Mud Fever oh I feel the pain

Neem Guard

The main ingredient here is Neem oil and Tea Tree oil along with water repelling mineral oils. The Neem Guard acts in 2 ways for your peace of mind. First it repels water and mud and secondly the formula is antibacterial so it has a mild amount of protection. Excellent product and if you start early before the skin has become compromised you may never have to deal with the dreaded mud fever again.

Mud Master

Oh boy what an amazing product! So we initially formulated this for clearing up mud fever and it works brilliantly. The major features of this luxurious cream is that again it is packed with all of our natural ingredients but it also dries on the skin.. so that the underlying skin is protected, treated and kept clean whilst it does it magic.

So as Mud Fever is basically a wound or a sore where the skin has been invaded and compromised this product can be used on blemishes, little nicks etc anytime of the year. My little mare was badly bitten by a Field Buddy (use that term lightly) 3 times, I could actually see the 2 front teeth marks. I applied this cream, let it dry, which in turn kept it clean and more importantly the flies at bay. Within about 5 days the hair had started growing back and the cream just got worn off. Super Job Mud Master.

A little about us here...I studied Equine Podiatry and my partner is a Chemist. As a horse owner I knew what was needed and what I wanted but had no knowledge of how to formulate a product. So together we matched our skills and Horse Leads was born.

Do get in touch if you have any questions. Always happy to help - Prevention better than cure!

Our products are for general veterinarian use as topical applications.

Please note that we always recommend contacting your Veterinarian if in doubt, deep seated thrush/canker need professional Veterinarian assistance. This is also true for Mud Fever too if the infection has penetrated beyond the skin and has caused secondary bacterial infections.

Thank you for all your custom over the years, keeping us busy at loving what we do!

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